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Emergency Duty Social Work Team

What if you need to contact Children's, Adults or Mental Health Social Services during the evening, at night or the weekend?
If you have an urgent problem when offices are closed, Haringey has an 'out of hours' service for emergencies. An emergency is considered to be something that cannot wait until the next working day when the full range of services will be available.

To contact the Emergency Duty Social Work Team call 020 8489 0000

Who will answer the phone?
An operator will answer the phone and take details of the problem and your contact arrangements. They will then pass this information over to the duty social worker.

What happens next?
The duty social worker will give advice and guidance over the phone on how to deal with the problem. You may be advised about other services which can help, or that it would be best to wait until the normal day services are available.
In some circumstances the duty social worker will visit you or the person who has the problem.

How soon will you be contacted?
A social worker will contact you as soon as possible. However, at times when the service is busy there may be a delay before they can do this.

If you are concerned about a life-and-limb emergency requiring instant response, please consider whether you should also be calling another emergency service such as police or ambulance.

What sort of problems can the Emergency Duty Team advise about?
The council has a range of responsibilities under mental health, child care, community care and welfare legislation. The duty social worker can advise about:

  • serious and urgent difficulties with children and young people
  • child protection issues
  • older people who are at risk, including risk of abuse, or who need immediate help
  • urgent concerns about a person with a physical or a sensory disability
  • people with severe learning difficulties or mental health problems who are in crisis
  • necessary action under the Mental Health Act

When does the service operate?

  • Monday to Thursday, 5pm to 9am
  • Friday, 4.45pm to 9am
  • Twenty-four hours at the weekend and Bank Holidays

You can also write to

  • Haringey First Response Service
    48 Station Road
    N22 7TY

Who is part of the Emergency Duty Team?
All members of the team are experienced and professionally registered social workers.

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